The strength of Sound By Design has always been the crew behind it. Our team is highly trained and each one of us has on average 5+ years of experience working events. Being a group of great friends, we not only work hard, but also have a lot of fun doing it. While music is our passion, we are event experts who can help ensure yours is a huge success. 

Meet the team below by checking out their bios and listening to their curated Spotify Playlists. 

Meet the Team

Meet mateo

playlists by mateo

Recruiting & Client Experience Lead DJ, Music Enthusiast, Cat Dad

Mateo Gamez

Meet Ray

playlists by Ray

Lead DJ, HHG Correspondent, Dog Dad, 

Ray Riordan

Meet rick

playlists by rick

Lead DJ, Coffee Geek

Rick Ehlert

Meet tyler

playlists by tyler

Production Manager,
Lead DJ, Gamemaker, Bearded Dad

Tyler Wilson

Meet Dylan

playlists by dylan

Director of Operations, 
Lead DJ, Artist

Dylan Brudny

Meet torie

playlists by torie

President, Lead DJ,
Entrepreneur, Handsome Dad

Torie Gamez

Meet maX

playlists by mAX

Lead DJ, Director of nonsense,
Walking bucket

Max Dodge


playlists by Chris

Lead DJ, Teacher, Dad

Chris Swenson

Meet SAM

playlists by SAM

Lead DJ, Project Manager, Lighting Designer, Tattoo Connoisseur

Sam Meier


playlists by Conner

Lead DJ, Client Experience, HHG Correspondent

Conner O'Malley

Meet tRENT

playlists by TRENT

Lead DJ, Dance floor Specialist,  Our "Breaking Sports News Guy", 

Trent Krickeberg

Meet Olivia

Lead DJ, Queen of Mixes, Summerfest Guru, Fortuneteller

Olivia Booth


playlists by Olivia

playlists by james

Lead DJ, Margarita Lover, Chris Pine Stunt Double,  Cheese Curd Thief 

James Garcia


playlists by Sperry

Lead DJ, Sports Writer, Milwaukee Proud, Nickname: Sperr Bear

Ryan Sperry


playlists by Aidan

Lead DJ, '23 March Music Madness winner (No Hands). T-Shirt Thrower

Aidan Masanz

Meet robb

playlists by robb

Lead DJ, Motorcyle Connoisseur, Slaps the Bass, Hype Man

Robb Mackey

Meet miguel

playlists by miguel

Lead DJ, Basketball Coach, Teacher

Miguel Brown 

Meet carter

playlists by carter

Lead DJ, Bucks Fan, Waterstreet Tour Guide 

Carter Knuth 

Meet Tanner

playlists by Tanner

Lead DJ, Assistant

Tanner Orne

Meet Allen

playlists by Allen

Lead DJ, Assistant


Meet Jake

playlists by Jake

Lead DJ, Assistant

Jake Konrath

Meet ian

playlists by ian

Lead DJ, Assistant

Ian Masanz

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