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Our LED up-lights can display any color you can imagine. How about a custom monogram for the dance floor? Or some string bulbs for the cocktail space? Our lighting options are endless. But don't stress, we'll work with you one on one to design lighting that works with your venue architecture and event aesthetic. 

Your design

Whether you need to dress up an urban warehouse space, or highlight intricate victorian architecture, lighting makes every venue look better. With over two decades of experience, we've lit up thousands of event spaces. Whatever your space looks like, we'll make it pop with some stunning lighting. 

Any space

From romantic string bulbs, to highlighting architecture with uplighting, to colorful party lights during dancing – lighting can elevate any venue atmosphere. All of our lighting options are completely customizable to your event.

Dress up any venue with stunning lighting

We use high quality, top of the line lighting, projection, and custom fabrication equipment. We'll ensure every light we use is shining bright and positioned perfectly for optimal display. 

High quality


Inquire with us to start customizing your event lighting

Our custom fabrication rental pieces allow us the ability to install lighting in just about any environment. We have several arches and pergolas available for rent. These platforms are great for adding string bulbs to an outdoor space for cocktails, dinner and/or dancing. 

Custom fabrication

Turn a simple tent into a colorful canvas. Our tent lighting options can transform any tented event into a masterpiece. String bulbs, chandeliers, projected monograms, spot lights, or uplighting - the options are endless. But don’t stress, we’ll help you design a beautiful lighting composition. 

Tent lighting

Chandeliers can add a bit of elegance and drama to your event. With several chandelier designs to choose from, this lighting option can elevate any venue aesthetic.


Our Marquee letters are a great way to personalize your event. It can be a great focal point to the design, or become a beautiful photo op for guests. Marquee letters also make a great addition to photo booth backdrops. 

Marquee letters

Spot lighting is a great way to highlight specific areas of your event space. Spot lights can illuminate head tables, food stations, place card tables, cakes tables, signs, first dances, and more. A popular choice is to enhance your floral investments with pin spot lighting.

Spot lighting

Choose from our wide array of bulb sizes to create a string bulb ceiling. Arrangements can be over a cocktail area, reception space, or dance floor. We can also create a mobile string bulb lighting setup by installing trussing or professional lighting stands at almost any location, even outside!

string bulbs

Projecting a pattern, logo, or set of initials is a fun way to personalize your event space. Our team can help you create an image that you enjoy. Monograms & logos can be projected just about anywhere - from walls, to dance floors, or as a head table backdrop. 

Monograms + logos

Our wireless LED technology has the ability to match any event color palette. Clients who aren’t particular about color often choose our soft white lighting to compliment their venue. This is a classy way to create a romantic, candle lit look in any space.


& Fabrication

Dance floor lighting is a surefire way to achieve the ultimate rave atmosphere at your wedding. From LED light-up dance floors to strobe lights - get ready for the party of a lifetime. 

dancefloor lighting